Recycling for companies

Polska Firma Paletowa has provided services within recycling of packagings since 2004.


Professional service

Waste recovery is conducted in our warehouses by experienced staff.

Safety and ecology

All actions aiming at waste recovery are conducted is such a way, so as not to pose any danger to the workers’ lives and health, as well as not to harm the environment.

Reliable cooperation

We have obtained all necessary permits for collecting, storing and transport of the waste. We confirm waste transfer notes.

Wide scope of services

We are qualified to manage all kinds of waste, which allows us to provide comprehensive recycling services for companies.


We offer comprehensive services within management of waste created from packagings made of:

  • paper and cardboard,
  • artificial materials,
  • wood,
  • metal,
  • multiple materials,
  • glass
  • fabric,
  • mixed package waste.



Permission for collecting and recycling waste:



Be environmentally sensitive!

The popularity of actions connected to environmental protection in Poland has recently improved. That is wy waste management is such an important issue. Our company may be considered as a precursor in that matter, as we guarantee stability and lower the costs of product fee. We cooperate with many key companies leading in their branches.

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