We have specialised in wood packaging since 2001.
Although at first we operated as separate entities, in 2005 we merged, joined our forces, ideas and spirits to create one company, which functions now as

Grupa Polska Firma Paletowa – Produkcja Sp. z o.o.




While cooperating with Polish and foreign partners during past few years, we have gained a considerable experience. We create our products with passion. Our willingness to implement innovative solutions helped us become leaders of the market. What characterises us is timeliness and reliability. We design storage solutions and provide support to both small companies and market leaders from all industries.





High quality and resistance are the crucial qualities for production of wood packaging. If you decide to become our partner we guarantee you that the material we use for our products comes from Polish woods, which results in high quality, resistance and design of the packaging. What is more we execute individual projects thus, the product you receive is adjusted to your needs.

In order to maintain the high quality of our service we work on the best machines and tools available.





Our team is made up by target-oriented professionals, whose experience is a result of years of work. These engaged and enthusiastic people are interested in innovative solutions and take part in various courses to broaden their knowledge and be able to meet your expectations.





Paying attention to your time and resources, we do our best to execute each order within the set deadline. Thanks to our machinery and our fleet of delivery vehicles we are able to meet deadlines of the realized orders.





We design customised packaging, which contributes to the continuous development of our offer including packaging and wooden products.


Grupa PFP

Składowa 51,
42-530 Dąbrowa Górnicza,

tel: +48 32 330 97 04
tel: +48 32 330 97 05
fax: +48 32 330 97 06